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Revolutionising Environmental


Dustoff Films was founded with a mission to become the leading environmental documentary film company on Earth.

Our Difference

Human Nature Connections

A ‘Dustoff Film’ has three connected storytelling principles. They are epic eco-thrillers, blockbusters from the natural world, entertainment at their core. They have a human voice, told through the eyes of the people who live them, intrinsically rich and told in full. They are full of hope, realistically optimistic, we show a path forward.

Solutions focused documentaries

Environmental journalism and filmmaking is in a rut. Dustoff was founded to change the status quo and with a vision to tell stories about little known wildernesses, misunderstood conservation issues and to educate people - via the medium of entertainment - in order to collectively understand and protect the most important places and things in our world.

Dustoff’s aim is to create cinematic spectacles which grip the viewer in the manner of a blockbuster - true stories that take us to the heart of the world’s most pressing issues - but which also show us the way through. By taking the right actions, people can save the world, we just need to know how to do it.

Setting the new standard in nature storytelling

Dustoff searches the world for the real life action heroes and unassuming characters at the heart of the planet’s most extraordinary and important wilderness stories, bringing them to life in epic and hopeful eco-thrillers.

More blockbuster than documentary, our films have a bigger role to play than entertainment alone. They’re instruction manuals for the future, not only proving that all is not lost, but showing us a way forward. Each is designed to inspire action - from small power moves like changing the way someone votes to huge acts like recreating a solution in another wild place. Our stories don’t end with the credits,  when the credits roll the change begins.

Funded for editorial freedom

We have assembled a network of investors who think like we do, who care about the world and understand the power of documentary as a force for real social and environmental progress. This means we’re free from stories being adulterated by green-washing or agenda driven funding sources. It makes us faster, it makes us more nimble, it makes us completely independent.

Dustoff searches the world for the most extraordinary and important wilderness stories, bringing them to life in epic and hopeful eco-thrillers.

Our Movies

Ambrose and the black leopard
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Tom Martienssen

Tom Martienssen


Tom is an Emmy-winning director and cinematographer. He has filmed in over 50 countries from Afghanistan to Bolivia, New Zealand to Patagonia. His passion for storytelling began when he was working with the Medical Emergency Response Team in Afghanistan. His writing from that time led to a career as a BBC World Affairs Unit journalist. During his time at BBC Tom covered and survived the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal and worked undercover in the Middle-East to report on ISIS. Tom’s passion for in-depth reporting was a natural transition to documentaries.

James May

James May


As a former military sniper James has taken his 14 years of experience operating in the harshest environments on Earth and applied it to documentary film production. He developed his filmmaking career during his military service, covering operations, expeditions, and training both in the UK and abroad. After documenting an expedition across the South American Andes he found his passion for filmmaking and storytelling. Since leaving the military James has worked alongside various large brands producing documentaries and marketing content.